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Because our future isn’t something we stumble into, nor something handed to us as a gift. But instead, it’s something we actively create — with each line of code, each A/B test, each market mutation — day by day. While things, by many measures at the grandest of scale, may seem to be improving — we are also nose to nose (or perhaps eyeball-to-algorithm) against machines of our own creation that actively profit from sowing discord and amplifying the very worst of human nature. Butterfly, tornado; Cause, meet effect: simply, the data and technology choices we make today creates waves in the puddle we inhabit tomorrow.

Appropriate Future is a view of news that appears to be meaningful points along the way to tomorrow — at the convergence of people and machines, aggregate algorithms and individual agency, and between industry and public policy. Even if we can’t predict our future, we can all envision too many outcomes that keep us awake at night. Here at Appropriate Future, every week, you’ll get my best bets on the stones that will ripple and reverberate.

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News and notes on building a sustainable future where the humans control the tech (and not the other way around)